Did You Know...

-Lourdes was founded in 1958 and known as Lourdes Junior College until 1973 when the title dropped 'Junior' and was known as Lourdes College until 2011 when it transitioned to Lourdes University.

-Lourdes for Life is an initiative established to encourage students to develop a lifelong relationship with Lourdes by educating the student body about Lourdes' history and tradition and the benefits of remaining connected to the institution beyond graduation.

-There are 12 Men's and Women's sports teams and competitive Cheer and Dance on campus.

-2,621 students enrolled in classes for the 2013-2014 school year.

-Sister Gretchen makes 80 pies, 350 dozen cookies, 100 loaves of coffee cake, 210 fruitcakes, 700 dipped marshmellows and much more for her annual Holiday Bakesale.

-This year 30 students, faculty and staff have joined Habitat for Humanity and will be travelling to Maryville, TN and Prattvill, AL.

-The Sisters of St. Francis is a community of nearly 200 Sisters, ministering in 12 states – Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia – and Haiti.


Rain Garden Proposal Approved!
The Sylvania Franciscan Village Green Fund Board has approved a proposal to create a rain garden. Submitted by students from Professor Jim Minesky’s class, this proposal involves creating a garden of native plant species which will capture and cleanse a portion of the 1300 gallons of annual stormwater runoff from Carmel Hall and Learning Center Hall.  See full proposal here
Sylvania Franciscan Village Part of Toledo's Sustainability Commission
Thanks to the work of Dr. Jim Minesky from Lourdes University Department of Biology and Health Sciences, along with the Environmental Wellness Committee, our Sylvania Franciscan Village, has been an active participant in the Toledo/Lucas County plan for sustainability. This 15 year plan addresses the future needs of the natural, social and economic areas of our communities. 
Dinner and Book 2014

Thirty participants read the tragic and redemptive story of Jimmy Santiago Baca’s journey from inmate in a maximum security prison to published poet. As part of the discussion of his book, A Place to Stand, we were fortunate to have a former inmate of one of Ohio’s maximum prisons and one of the guards from the North Toledo prison.  Both shared compelling stories.

The inmate, Greg, credits his change of behavior to one of our local priests, Fr. Gary Walters.  Greg’s experience in Ohio’s prisons paralleled that told by Baca – the need to join a gang for self preservation; being forced to use violence for self defense.  Each of these increases the prison sentence.  Greg spent over 180 consecutive days in solitary confinement.  He is now working full time and thanking God for the years he has ahead of him.

The guard has served in the North Toledo prison for 14 years.  He sees his work as God’s work and strives to see inmates as persons and not numbers.  He told of the decision in 2008 to increase the prison population which went from 1000 to 1700 and to cut programs to balance the budget and the effect this had on the climate of the prison. He admitted that the numbers have been reduced lately due to the four homicides from last year.

Green Fund Gains Momentum!
The Sylvania Franciscan Village Green Fund, seeded with donations, started off with a small grant to replace some of our outdoor lights with LED's. Thanks to Lourdes University's Environmental Sciences program, another grant for a rain garden is in the works (read about rain gardens here). One of the MBA classes is challenged with writing proposals as a class project and is partnering with another "village" group to eliminate plastic water bottles and create water stations around campus. No matter winter, it's beginning to look pretty green around here! 
Got Toilet Paper?
On Saturday, February 8th, the Sylvania Franciscan community helped fill the Lourdes University's Shuttle Bus with toilet paper for the Franciscan Village's annual Have a Heart Restock Drive! It was a cold and snowy day but many students, faculty, staff, Sisters and residents from the community came to support the cause and bring toilet paper. It was great to see everyone coming together to help local outreach centers, not to mention having a little fun and pizza while at it! 
Meet Jana!
The Sylvania Franciscan Village would like to welcome Jana Whitmore! Jana is the new Manager of All Good Things Gift Shop. She was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio and lives with her husband Michael. She has worked in retail and sales for the past thirthy years. She started the position in January after being a part of the Advisory Committee for All Good Things. Welcome Jana, we are so glad to have you!