The Lourdes University Suicide Prevention Training Program was designed to help faculty, staff, and students prevent suicide by teaching you to:

  • Identify people at risk for suicide
  • Recognize the risk factors, protective factors, and warning signs of suicide
  • Respond and get help for people at risk
Visit the Ask, Listen, Refer website to complete this educational program

  St. Leonard, a retirement community, located in Centerville, Ohio, is the nation's first certified Vital Life Community in the United States.  Click here to visit their website. Click here to visit their blog. 




Vision Statement

"The Glory of God is Man and Woman Fully Alive"
- St. Irenaeus

Through our Wellness Initiative, our Sylvania Franciscan Village promotes, nurtures, celebrates and reverences the wholeness of each person and extends this mission to all we serve. All those impacted find fullness of life.

Mission Statement

To develop a strategic plan for comprehensive wellness for all those who are part of the Sylvania Franciscan Village mission and to seek out ways to impact the wellness of the broader community.

Our Wellness Committees

Our Wellness Task Force

John Harris, Chair                 Lourdes Board Member

Sr. Joan Jurski                         Sisters of St. Francis

Sr. Karen Zielinski                  Sisters of St. Francis

Scott Simon                               Lourdes University and Sisters of St. Francis

Becky Alvarado                        Sisters of St. Francis

Jim Minesky                              Lourdes University

Laurie Neary                             Community - St. Joe's Parish

Carla Peters                                Community - Convent Park Apartments

Sr. Rachel Nijakowski            Sophia Center
Social Well-Being Committee Mission Statement and Objectives

Physical Well-Being Committee Mission Statement and Objectives

Spiritual Well-Being Committee Mission Statement and Objectives

Environmental Well-Being Committee Mission Statement and Objectives

Emotional Well-Being Committee Mission Statement and Objectives